About Me

Greeting from Indonesia

We are breeders and sellers of fish
based in the city of Pekalongan central Java Indonesia
and we can deliver ornamental fish to several countries around the world
Our farm is supported by several farmers
to export quality ornamental fish with good conditions
the fish we send to our customers
Our farm has procedures and standards for checking before shipping fish
so we guarantee the fish is in good condition when you receive it
We have shipped fish to several countries such as
United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia
We can also ship directly to port to port if you have import export permission
or through transhipper who is our partner in several countries
Here we offer various types of ornamental fish at affordable prices
transportation is not a problem for us, our experience ensures your satisfaction
for the safety of shipping fish to the right time as our top priority
in order to establish long-term business relationships with our customers
We are ornamental fish sellers who are committed to providing the best quality fish
and ensure that our customers will receive live fish when they arrive
we guarantee 100% replacement
DOA (Dead on Arrival)

Dafiul Chazan

Jl, Letjend Soeprapto No 37 Jenggot Pekalongan Selatan
51133 Central Java Indonesia