Channa Auranti

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Order: perciformes

Family: Channidae

Genus: channa

Species: aurantimaculata,
(musikasinthorn, 2000) general / maximum size: 30-40 cm adult in general,
some specimens grow to near 60 cm

Common name: orange spotted snakehead, golden cobra snakehead temperature: 10-28 'c ph: 6.0-7.5

Mouthbrooder type 

Maintenance method
for an adult pair, it takes at least 150 x 60 x 60 cm aquarium, for a single fish 120 x 50 x 50 cm is enough, and the rules about the size of this aquarium are simple "bigger is better .... bigger is better"

the best way to maintain channa aurantimaculata is to make a special biotope with the natural expression of natural marshes, pools, water flows in the area near the Brahmaputera river, biotope here in context also mimics the natural cycle of the assam region with long hot weather just before moonson arrives in June and ends december, and start to enter the dry winter bring cold wind, at this time aurantimaculata, andrao, bleheri, barca are known to dig into the ground waiting for the water to return.

Setup a tank: with lots of ketapang leaves and also gives a dark area or hiding place, because I don't like non-natural objects such as my use of wood which is placed in such a way as to form a hiding place, usually used by males when mating arrives because channa auranti is a mouthbrooder where males incubate eggs for some time, the duration is known to be quite different between hobbyist experiences, usually starting off when the children can swim normally, with close supervision of both the male or female parent, if there is danger they can take it again and put it back in the mouth, at this time the two mains were very aggressive in guarding and would not hesitate to attack anything that entered the tank. Channa aurantimaculata also includes an egg feeder, meaning that the female parent feeds the children with young eggs that are not fertilized, so it is very important not to separate the children from the two parents, and there is a hobbyist experience where children are not interested in any food other than the young eggs of the female parentif

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