Channa Stewartii

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Species name: Channa stewartii

Synonym: Ophiocephalus stewartii

Common name: Golden Snakehead

Family: Channidae

Order: Perciformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum size: 25 cm / 10 inches

Environment: freshwater

Origin: Endemic to Brahmaputra (upper, middle, lower) River basin of India and Bangladesh, and the Ganges River basin from southern Nepal southeastward.

Temperament: Predatory

Company: Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) should not be kept with fish smaller than 2/3 of the species size.

Water parameters: Temperature 22-28˚C / 72-82˚F; pH 6-7.5

Aquarium setup: Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) should be kept in an aquarium with slow moving water and some plants. The aquarium should also containe a few hiding places. Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) can tolerate low oxygen conditions in water because they are air breathers from an early age. But the will if prevented from surface access when the are adult die like all other snakeheads.

Feeding: Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) prefers live food.

Breeding: Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) builds a nest in which the eggs are laid. The parents guard their offspring.

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