Channa Pulchra

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Order: perciformes

Family: Channidae

Genus: channa

Species: pulchra

Origin: Myanmar

Maximum size: the specimens are generally found to have a maximum size of 20-30 cm. However, the specimens that are kept in general only have a maximum size of 25 cm

Common name: peacock snakehead

Temperature: 10-28 'c

It should be noted that channa is a fish that has aggressive temperament. therefore maintenance with other types of fish is not recommended or recommended.

Habitat and habits

For this type of channa pulchra belongs to the group of snakehead dwarfs who have a way of hunting by waiting and ambushing their prey. for that hiding place needs to be prepared in aquarium maintenance. The hiding place can be in the form of twigs, water plants, or pitchers or pipes that sink and have the right diameter for the size of the fish itself. However, for reasons of ease of care, the authors chose only to use hardscape in maintenance. In addition this is also a material consideration because in general this channa pulchra is an active fish and if too many ornaments in the aquarium it will be feared will hurt the fish itself.

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